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Here are just a few samples of our work. Please click on the pictures below to see hi-resolution photos.

1820's Clock Organ
Made by Philadelphia cabinet maker, Antoine Gabriel Quervelle, it features a rich mahogany veneered case with brass details and fabric doors. The piece required a complete restoration, but the result was well worth it.
Fabric restoration by Wilson Blum Upholsterers, Lansing, New York.

Federal Style Mahogany Sideboard
The sideboard required a full restoration to the case structure, veneered surfaces, and finish. But, returning the hardware back to its original look cleaned up the appearance, completing the restoration.

Empire Sewing Stand
The finish on the carved pedestal and legs was in good enough condition to clean and save. The rest of the stand's surfaces were not as fortunate and required a bit of work and a French polished surface.
Fabric restoration by Wilson Blum Upholsterers, Lansing, New York.

New York Tambour Door Work Table
The work table required complete restoration because it had been poorly restored in the past. With the proper hardware and a rich French polish finish, the piece was helped immensely.

Clementi Pianoforte, circa 1822
The pianoforte had been restored inadequately years before, so it required a complete restoration to the case, hardware, and all finished surfaces. On exhibit at the Granger Homestead and Carriage Museum in Canandaigua, New York, it is the only Clementi grand known in the United States.

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